Morten Bastholm

Bastholm TV & Film

Morten Bastholm with camera in Peru

Morten Bastholm...

Is a danish tv & film photographer with more than 20 years of experience filming for documentaries, shortfilms, corporate content commercials. With a specialty and passion in time-lapse and drone.

Bastholm tv & film do full production from pre-production to final product with editing, colorgrade, and finalizing.

Morten is available for booking at smaller to bigger high-end productions across multiple genres.

Now... what I am working on now​

This is a short food commercial i did for Café Altan Copenhagen.

Playing with new ways to work creatively with a smaller camera, to achieve effectfull shots with fun transitions for a good flow in the commercial.

I am currently working on a project I have shot for over 1 year in the Swedish nature and cities.

In this movie I am using both drone-lapse, time-lapse and drone. This is a sneak peek with a few clips from the film.