This one out of a longer series of commercials i did for Matas in 2021.

I did full production with filming, light, editing, and colorgrading.


is a Danish drama-comedy series and now on season 8.

It sets in the the north part of Denmark in the year 1941. The most of the series is filmed in a studio so my job was to do some summer nature shots in order to start and end some of the scenes. Filmed at beaches in the area of the hotel and make it look like 1941.

Food commercial for Café Altan Copenhagen

This is a short food commercial i did for Café Altan Copenhagen.

Playing with new ways to work creatively with a smaller camera, to achieve effectfull shots with fun transitions for a good flow in the commercial.

Vilde vidunderlige danmark

is a nature program for DR.

It is a series with 5 episodes with different themes after biotope.

I worked on it for allmost 1 year, my job was to film all the stock footage to connect the stories and under the stories. So alot of patience and many days out in the nature. Here is some of the shots that i did, and all is filmed in Denmark.

Jagten på den skjulte by

is a TV2 program with 4 episodes.

We were on adventure in the Peruvian andes mountains and the Amazonas jungle to find the Inca Indians lost city Paititi. It was a tough and very challenging task as a photographer, but an amazing experience. I could also challenge myself as a drone video producer. 


is a short video, with some of my newer time-lapse and drone shots. 

I made these clips for programs like “Vilde vidunderlige Danmark” and “Jagten på den skjulte by” – among many others.

CPH hyperlapse

This is my first real hyper-lapse movie.

It was challenging but also a lot of fun to make.
I walked the 3 km distance and it took me about 3 hours, and the sunset about 4 hours. Very time consuming where a lot of patience was needed.

Norway winter

This  was self funded project.

I did up at the beautiful islands of Lofoten, Norway. We were lucky to have several night with northern light which made it an amazing trip. I was lucky enough to catch the northern light on a drone video.

Jagten på den skjulte by

Here is some of the drone and time-lapse i did on the expedition.

Even though it was tough, we still found time for doing something for the high production value.

CPH under covid19

In march 2020 Denmark had its first lockdown doing the covid19 pandemic.

I grabbed my camera and went out filming this historical but sad footage of Copenhagen. The result is empty streets with no life.

Lofoten summer

Lofoten islands Norway summer.

Was a self-funded video and my first time to this nature cinematic place. With spiky mountains with snow on the top and green grass slopes to the tropical blue turquoise sea.