About me

profile pic Morten bastholm steadicam

As a video and filmmaker my drive and ambitions is to higher the production value, to create visual strong product, no matther the size of production and every time.

I am available for booking as a photographer, timelapser, dronepilot or full production from pre-production and planning, filming, editing, finalize with colorgrade.

Morten Bastholm filming in Nageria
Morten Bastholm with camera and machete in Peru
Morten Bastholm flying inspire 2 X7 drone
Morten Bastholm filming northern light

I graduated in 2004 as a film & TV production technician and have since then worked professionally freelance as a photographer on many major Danish TV productions, corporate content, short films, including several award winning and nominated productions.

I have always had a great interest in telling stories through pictures and sound, and the fascination with technology, the latest cameras, drones, steadycam, etc., how to push the medium to the best possible way and means to tell the story and the message visually strong. An immersion that for the last 7 years has led me to time-lapse and what it takes to produce them in a more high-end professional way.

Corporate content and short films where patience and flare for details also come into play, understanding the message and the product is an important factor in my craft.

I also have many years of experience as a documentary photographer, which has led me to many exciting places in the world, challenging places to work as a photographer, where experience is good to have in your backpack.

Some of the productions and clients i worked with

• Vilde vidunderlige danmark, DR • Blindspot, NBC • Anja´s børnehjem, DR • Jagten på den skjulte by, TV2 • Robinson ekspeditionen, TV3 • Badehotellet, TV2 • Paradis hotel, TV3 • Vores vilde vej, TV2 • Liebhaverne, TV2 • Rundfunk, TV2 • De unge mødre, Kanal 4 • Hund søger hjem, TV2 •